My favorite 2 boots for recreational riding are also the top two  brands for endurance riding and have been successfully proven for the most difficult terrain.     Choosing between these boots depends on a few factors. Many clients prefer Renegade boots because they are quite easy to put on and take off, come in many fabulous colors. The fit differs from the Easycare prodects (ie Gloves) in that the shells should be somewhat loose, since the heel capitivator (that moves with the foot) is how these boots stay on, and they stay on quite well.  However,  Easyboot Gloves are also wonderful boots that can go the distance.  They are lightweight,  sleek, and almost like a second skin to the horse. Gloves come in many different sizes because they need to have a njce tight fit. They are also easy to put on, since moving the horse back and forth will shim a good fitting set of Gloves into place. Gloves are for horse owners who keep to a 4 week trim cycle, since theyrely on that tight fit.   So in a nutshell, when fitting Renegade boots, always err on the side of a loose fit, whereas with Gloves, always go for the tighest fit possible without the sides bulging out.

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