Rates (Visa/ MC/ Paypal/Venmo/Zelle cash or checks accepted)

Balanced trim in Bend, Redmond, Sisters, or Terrebonne: 

  • Natural trims are $60 and include balance assessment and gait evaluation.
  • Shoe pulls: $20 for 2 feet, $35 to pull all 4.
  • Renegade Boot fitting: Free
  • Glue on shoes: See below

Hoof reconstruction and sole protection

I always carry Vettec products such as Sole Guard to protect the bottom of sensitive hooves. I can also do hoof wall reconstruction, create shoes out of adhesive, or glue on boots using Adhere and Superfast.  Vettec product application is $55 due to materials fee.

Out of area trims

I am currently not trimming outside of the Bend, Redmond, Terrebonne and Sisters areas.  However, I may be able to offer a one-time boot fitting within Oregon. Ask about prices

Payment Options

Cash, checks, Visa,  MasterCard, Venmo, PayPal all accepted. 

Glue-on Shoes

I currently carry fitting shells for Easycare Lovechilds, Easycare Glue ons (Same shell as Gloves), and Versas . I have successfully glued on Lovechilds (LC) for a maxiumum of 8 weeks,  which have the same cycle as a nail on shoe due to an underside that flips open with every step. 

Prices for Glue-on shoes begin at $100 for two feet.

Boot Fitting done Right

Wendy with her new Mustang in training

I carry a full range of sizes of Renegade Hoof Boots and Viper fitting shells in my truck. I also carry fitting shells for, and can quickly order the following boot types: Easyboot Originals, Easyboot Trails, Old Mac Boots, Easyboot Cloud and Versa Grip glue-on shoes.

Renegade Orders take about 4 days to arrive. 

I also carry all sizes of fitting shells for Gloves, NG shoes, Flip Flops, Renegades and Renegade Vipers, I am a dealer for these companies and can order all of these items within a week at prices at or below retail.