Your horse’s hooves say alot about what goes into your horse. Wall cracks that are chippy and higher up, wavy lines on the hoof wall, flaring, and of course coffin bone rotation and  founder are all due to horses being fed high- sugar diets. Helping your horse have the best possible hooves and overall health is truly a partnership and not just a matter of trimming. I have seen chronically and actively foundering horses that don’t have a crest in their neck. Yet I also have seen horses with big grass bellies (my own) who have healthy hooves. The difference? Feeding a low sugar forage in a slow feeder keeps ulcers at bay (acids dont build up) and the sugar damage doesn’t occur in the hooves. Feeding a balanced mineral supplement like California Trace also helps hooves but don’t be fooled into thinking that horses need a bunch of grain every day. Putting supplements in soaked beet pulp or a bit of low carb feed for minerals is all that is needed, if that. Copper and zinc help hooves, and also selenium (in our area) and salt are important for overall health.

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