Anti-Bacterial Hoof Mud

ThrushMud is the only thrush application that contains both Zinc and Copper, plus other active ingredients.

We know how important getting rid of thrush is to hoof and overall horse health. Having healthy frogs is the only way to encourage heel-first landing, which promotes circulation, and can even change the hoof angle to a more positive angle by strenghtening and thickening the digital cushions in the back of the hoof.

Only $20

Natural Hoofcare Bend has many years experience rehabbing hooves and creating sound horses. We can address problems including: Founder, Laminitis, Contracted Heels, Underrun Heels, Thrush and Abscess Problems, and bringing horses out of shoes with success!

Wendy Hutchens is a member of Pacific Hoofcare Practioners who educates its members in the barefoot movement, whose members are inspired by Pete Ramey. PHCP is continuing Pete’s barefoot movement through its mentorship of best practices in hoofcare and horse health. A barefoot trim using natural hoofcare methods is a different type of trim that one a traditional farrier would give, either in preparation for shoes and is also different than a pasture trim that a farrier would give for off-season maintenance.

A barefoot trim is, instead one that allows a horse to support its weight  by the entire bottom of the hoof, rather than just the hoof wall. One can easily imagine the benefits to a foundered horse, where even farriers know that the weight of the horse must be padded at the frog. However, taking iron shoes off a hoof has many advantages for the moving horse.

This is because rigid shoes dont allow the hoof to expand with each stride, thus limiting a hoof’s natural ability to absorb shock and pump blood through the hoof structures. Rigid shoes also make it so that the heels of the frog cannot expand, resulting in contracted heels, which leads to thrush, abscesses, and even deep cracks in the hoof wall.

As an endurance rider, Wendy realizes that hooves need protection over rocky trails. This is why she uses and fits both Easycare boots and Renegade Hoof Boots to your equine athlete.

Same hoof, same day on Morgan gelding, April 8, 2016. Gelding walked off sound on gravel.
Laminitic Morgan gelding, April 8, 2016 PRE-TRIM (However, I had already brought heels back before I grabbed the camera)